With your Merck FCU debit cards, you get access to a convenient mobile app, CardValet. Through this mobile app, you are able to monitor your accounts and track your spending on your card. The CardValet app is used for your debit card.

Download the app and set up your card in order to protect your accounts against fraud and easily monitor your spending right through your smartphone. Through CardValet you have the ability to temporarily turn off your card if you think your may have lost it. This saves you time and is more convenient than calling or going to the credit union. In addition, smartphone alerts can be easily set up and customized so you can be notified of a charge on your card. You can also link additional accounts to the app, and add geographic restrictions and spending limits to better monitor your dependent’s spending.

CardValet is a necessity when it comes to a secure and convenient way to monitor your Merck FCU accounts. CardValet for your debit cards make tracking your spending as easy as can be. Protecting yourself against fraud and managing has never been so simple. Download the app in the AppStore or from GooglePlay on your smartphone today!

Card Valet App Downloads

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